Colour Lash & Brow Kit

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The optimal set to start. With all 5 colors for eyebrows and eyelashes, 5 tinting bowls, 2 professional tinting brushes and the Augenmanufaktur Oxidant.

black: Especially recommended for tinting eyelashes and brows for black or dark brown hair - for the most beautiful black styles ever!

graphite: For evenly natural coverage of gray or white hair or to give other colors a cool, ashy tone. For timeless styles!

blue black: A black tone with a bluish shimmer that provides extra color depth and brilliance especially when tinting eyelashes!

brown: Natural brown is a versatile brown tone that covers powerfully and creates natural brunette looks!

lightbrown: Light brown is a versatile, naturally light brown tone that enhances the brilliant effect of dark blond to light brown hair. For shiny styles!

Mixable with all colors

Wipe and waterproof

Lasts 6 weeks
Content of one color: 15ml