Barbicide disinfection glass

Item number 101492

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The Barbicide disinfection glass is used for the professional disinfection of scissors, combs and nail care instruments. The attractive glass with stainless steel insert is known around the globe. The transparent look and the characteristic blue colour can be seen in thousands of hairdressing salons, but also in nail studios, wellness centres and fitness studios. 

Capacity: 750 ml

Height: 20 cm 

Diameter: 11 cm

The typical Barbicide design is an original design with over 60 years of success. The Barbicide disinfection glass in the 750 ml size is suitable for the following equipment & fulfills 2 characteristics:

  • combs
  • clippers
  • razors
  • Nail Instruments

The glass is so large that you can completely immerse tools in the disinfectant solution.  It has a non-slip stand and a stainless steel lid. The removable sieve allows the removal of the tools without skin contact with the solution.