Lashpoo Flyer A6

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The 100 DIN-A6 flyers ensure a top brand appearance. You can use the professional advertising material individually for your advertising purposes.

We love this product because...

The 100 DIN A6 flyers ensure a professional and skillful brand appearance and make your new beauty offer known. The Augenmanufaktur advertising material simplifies your own and time-consuming marketing work and thus saves you expensive production costs.

The optimal application:

You can use the advertising material individually for your advertising purposes - advertise the eye manufactory Lashpoo, because your customers will love it!

The eye manufactory beauty tip:

If you store the flyers properly, the good quality of the product will be maintained for a long time and you have the possibility to use the advertising material for different actions and at different times. Why don't you take a trip to your neighborhood and ask in nearby shops whether you can display the flyers for advertising purposes or distribute the information brochure to interested pedestrians in your area.