Why do we love our Lashlifting?
With our Lashlifting is a semi-permanent methode to reshap your lashes. The revolutionary formula gives visually long, curved and voluminous eyelashes in a very short time. Bye bye eyelash curler and lash extensions. Hello bright eyes!
With our trainings you will become quickly a beauty expert. You will learn why this additional qualification is worth it:
That's why your customers never want to be "without" again:
  • An alert, radiant look - already in the morning with the first look at your eyes
  • Without any false eyelashes
  • Incredibly intense Before - After - Effect
  • Our guarantee: no animal testing, manufactured in the EU, vegan
  • lasts only 30 minutes, lasts 6-8 weeks
And these are your benefits:
  • Win new customers with the vegan and natural alternative to Lash-Extensions
  • Your new magic ingredient: Powerlift lotions exclusively produced for the eye manufactory. The unique formula makes the eyelash hair gently stretchable and malleable.
  • With us you will become a power eyelash lifting expert in just four hours of training.
  • It's worth it: With low product costs and treatment prices between €39 and €59, you can get the training costs of €250 out of your pocket in no time at all.
  • Perfect for use in the salon, spa or mobile beauty business