Lash Lifting Sachets

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Lashlifting Lotion #1 - patented formula!

The Powerlift Lotion serves to release the lash hair in its form. 
The gel formula of the Lashlifting Lotion makes the eyelash hair elastic and formable. 
The eyelashes nestle to the shape of the silicone pad. 

15 x 1.5 ml

A sachet is for single use. Please use immediately after opening.

We have optimised our lotions - so please make sure you observe the new exposure time: 10 minutes. 
For customers who use eyelash growth serum, the application time should be extended by 2-3 minutes as required.

The optimal application:

It is essential to thoroughly remove fat residues on the eyelashes with the primer. 
Do not use the same microbrush for the lotions, because if both lotions come into contact with each other, they become unusable due to a premature chemical reaction. 
It is best to prepare the lotions in pea sizes in small cosmetic bowls and then apply evenly with a separate microbrush.