Brow lifting basic kit

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The clever package for professionals!

The kit consists of: 

Browlift glue - 5ml
Browlift I - 5ml
Browlift II - 5ml

Minimum exposure time: 8 minutes per lotion.

Treatment procedure

1. Clean the eyebrows thoroughly and oil-free We recommend the Lashpoo (eyelash shampoo) of the brand Augenmanufaktur for this.
Then degrease the eyebrows with the Powerprimer.
Apply primer to the MiniBrush (2 drops/eyebrow), 
and stroke it over the eyebrow area.
Make sure nothing gets in your eye.


2. put the Browlift glue on the eyebrow and comb it into the desired shape with the iCurl comb. 
If you want to correct something, apply the glue again to the appropriate spot, 
this way you can loosen the eyebrow hairs and comb them again to bring them into the desired shape.

ATTENTION: Apply enough glue to the eyebrow area, which also protects the skin. Avoid direct contact between lotion and skin.

3. now the Browlift I Lotion is used. Wet the eyebrow hairs sufficiently with the lotion. 
Avoid direct contact between lotion and skin. Then cover the eyebrows with cling film so that the lotion can be easily absorbed.
Allow the lotion to soak in for 8 minutes. 

4.Then remove the lotion thoroughly and carefully from the eyebrows without removing the adhesive. All you need is a dry cotton pad. 
If necessary, apply the adhesive again and fix the eyebrows in place.

5. Repeat the procedure with Browlift I Lotion with Browlift II Lotion. The application time here is also 8 minutes.
Avoid direct contact between lotion and skin.
Then thoroughly remove the lotion from the eyebrows. All you need is a cotton pad.
Then clean the eyebrows with a damp cotton pad and remove the adhesive.

6. Now dye the eyebrows. Let the colour work for 2 minutes and then remove it with a damp cotton pad.
Brush the eyebrows properly with the iCurl comb. Now use the Double Filler.

7.Coat the eyebrow hairs with the Double Filler to strengthen and care for them from the inside.


Please note:
Thoroughly remove grease residues on the eyebrows with the primer and apply the lotions evenly. Do not use the same MiniBrush for the lotions.
If both lotions come into contact with each other, they will become unusable due to a premature chemical reaction.
Apply the pea sizes of the lotions evenly in small cosmetic bowls and with separate MiniBrushes. Follow the treatment procedure.