Dy Zoff Fluid


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The fastest way to remove hair color from the skin.

The water-soluble, effective color stain remover is available not only in pad form, but also in liquid form.

Dy Zoff Fluid removes even dark hair color stains from the skin, ammonia free and with aloe vera for skin care. Unsurpassed ease of use, with a high cleaning power.

The liquid hair color remover is applied to a cloth or cotton pad, and then wipe the stained area of skin. Then wipe with a clean cloth or pad - done. There is no need for much rubbing - but please note: Wipe off the dyed skin areas as soon as possible, the shorter the period after
the dyeing, the easier it is to remove the hair color.

1 x bottle 250 ml

The binding statement of the ingredients are on the packaging of the delivered product.

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