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Hot Film Wax in different variants

The Xtra Strong Hot Film Wax contains a powerful and effective formula for removing difficult hair types. This allows you to offer great results to your clients with thick coarse hair growth on the face and body. The unique formula and the convincing results make the Hive Xtra Strong Hot Film the perfect product for male hair removal. You can easily break down the block to the size needed for specific treatments and apply thinly and sparingly. Thanks to the added plasticizers, the wax retains its flexible properties can be easily removed as a malleable plastic piece.

* Due to the easy-break formula, cracking or breaking may occur in the wax product prior to application.

Sensitive Wax - a premium, smooth hot film wax. This product contains low allergy risk ingredients which allows for use on sensitive skin and intimate areas. Special formula to ensure a strong hold on strong, stubborn hair growth. The wax contains plasticizers to maintain flexibility and facilitate hair removal. This causes less discomfort for customers. No wax strips are needed as this unique wax firmly grips the hair as it comes off.

1x Hive Xtra Strong Hot Film Wax Block 500G


1x Hive Sensitive Hot Film Wax Block 500G


1x Hive Sensitive Hot Film Wax Discs 250G

The authoritative statement of ingredients are located on the packaging of the product supplied.

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