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Duo - for big and small

Cosmetic sharpener for sharpening our eye manufactory WowBrow Pens or also conventional eyebrow pencils, lipliners and eyeliners. With Double-Blade System®

To keep the sharpener clean and hygienic, the should be cleaned after each use. The cleaning rod built into each sharpener is the only instrument that should be used to clean the sharpener. Using metal objects would immediately ruin the very fine edge of the two steel blades. Using only the built-in cleaning wand, the cosmetic sharpener will not only stay clean and hygienic, but will also last a very long time.

The WowBrow sharpener is equipped with a Dynamic Torsion Action® blade. Under constant tension, the blade dynamically adapts to the different forces acting on the pencil during sharpening.

1 X WowBrow sharpener

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