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Suitable for all beauty professionals. Eye + Lashology, Adhesion techniques + Effects, Health + Safety + Hygiene, Consulting + Problem Solutions, Product Training + Treatment Procedure, Application + Practice ( Lashes, Clusters, Express Lashes), Advertising

The training contents of the LashToGo seminar:

The exclusive Augenmanufaktur training courses consist of important theoretical background information and valuable practical exercises. Our trainers are happy to answer your personal and individual questions and concerns.

Training time of the beauty academy

Hamburg: from 10.00 - 17.00 o'clock with lunch break - training contents 1 day.

The Augenmanufaktur Philosophy


  • The structure of the eye
  • Typical diseases and injuries
  • The structure of the eyelid

LashToGo - What is it?

  • Why customers love LashToGo
  • The alternative to OneByOneLashes
  • LashToGo Effects 

Fantastic lashes

  • lash structure
  • lash growth

Safety and hygiene

  • Why safety and hygiene are so important during treatment
  • Order and cleanliness
  • Cleaning and disinfection standards

Consulting procedure before the LashToGo

  • Allergies and intolerances to be considered
  • All the tips and tricks to get you up and running quickly
  • How to get the best results from different customer needs

Lash line

  • theory
  • demonstration
  • practice

Lash cluster

  • theory
  • demonstration
  • practice

Express lashes

  • theory
  • demonstration
  • practice
  • advertising activities


  • Maximizing demand
  • Building up your portfolio
  • Profit maximization through additional sales of suitable products
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Social media

ATTENTION: The training can only be booked up to 4 days before the training date! By this time your payment must have been recorded. In individual cases, for example due to illness, the beauty trainer of your training can be replaced.


Hammer Deich 70
20537 Hamburg   

Phone: 040 - 35715291

Contact person: Maksooda Barakzai

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