WowBrow Pen Kit

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WowBrow Pen - In "dark" and "light"

To close the small and annoying gaps in the brows. The eyebrow pencil is available in two colour variations - "light" and "dark".

- powdery-creamy texture
- Immediately fills in gaps and unevenness
- blends perfectly with your own brow
- special anti-red stitch formula
- natural look
- light-reflecting pigments for a 3-D effect

WowBrow Pen Lift - Opens the View

By the professional setting of highlights with the WowBrow Pen Lift, the eyebrows are optically lifted and open the view.

- creamy consistency
- gives radiance
- optical lifting effect
With the WowBrow Lift, tired and slackened eyes are now a thing of the past.
past. Ideal for in between or on the way:
Apply WowBrow pencil under and over the eyebrow arch,
with the included sponge easily work in.
In the twinkling of an eye your gaze will be more alert and fresher - simply magical!