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Hive Xtra Strong Hot Film Wax Block 500G

Item number 101437

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Smooth Hot Film Wax, ideal for men
Xtra Strong Hot Film Wax contains a powerful and effective formula for removing difficult hair types. This allows professionals to offer their customers very good results with thick coarse hair growth on the face and body. The unique formula and the outstanding results make
from the Hive Xtra Strong Hot Film is the perfect product for men's hair removal.

The block can be easily broken down to the size required for certain treatments and applied thinly and sparingly. 
Thanks to the added plasticides, the wax retains its flexible properties and can be easily removed as a mouldable plastic piece.     

The Easy-Break formula may cause cracks or fractures in the wax product prior to application.

Caution: For external use only, avoid contact with eyes.
Keep out of the reach of children.