Lash lamination KeratinBooster + ColourBooster

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Power for your eyelashes

The lamination of lashes is an intensive care treatment for the lashes. The eyelashes are supplied with nutrients, vitamins and proteins and strengthened.
After lamination, the lashes are healthier, stronger and more resistant. The optimal result is achieved after 3-4 applications.
It is recommended to repeat the treatment after 6-8 weeks. The eyelash lamination consists of two components, the KeratinBooster and the ColourBooster.

After the power eyelash lift, apply lashes generously with the KeratinBooster using a MicroBrush from above and below.
Allow to dry briefly. For optimum results: Only use the product in combination with the ColourBooster.

The keratin application rebuilds and closes the protective shield of the eyelashes. It restores the hair's firmness, elasticity and moisture.

We love the product because...

the product strengthens, cares for and optimally builds up the eyelashes. For an even more beautiful, healthier and sustainable result with eyelash lifting.
The KeratinBooster can be easily attached to the previous steps during lifting! 


- Moisturizes
- Gives off color
- Eyelashes are sealed
- Maintains eyelashes like a conditioner/ cure

For approx. 20-25 applications.
Shelf life of at least three months after opening. Contains 4 ml each.

Attention: Product discolours. For optimal results: Only use the product in combination with the KeratinBooster.