Power lash lifting professional starter kit (sachets) + online training video

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For clever eyelash stylists

POWER for the eyelashes - vegan!

The kit consists of:

  • Powerlift Lotion sachets 15 x 1,5ml
  • Powerfix Lotion sachets 15 x 1,5ml
  • Adhesive 5ml
  • PowerPrimer 5ml
  • Silicone pads S/M/L 5 pairs each
  • Lash tool
  • Medical Tape 2m
  • MiniBrush 10 pcs.
  • iCurl combs 10 pcs.
  • Eyelash lamination consisting of KeratinBooster and ColourBooster
  • Access to our Powerwimpernlifting training video for 3 months
  • Instruction leaflet / Ingredients

For 15 applications. One sachet is for single use. Please use immediately after opening.

We love this product because...
Augenmanufaktur Power Eyelash Lifting Profikit contains all products for a successful Power Eyelash Lifting and the optimal care afterwards. The training video serves professionals as a refresher of the individual treatment steps and explains the application of lamination of eyelashes.