Lash lifting Powerfix bottle

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Lashlifting Lotion #2 - patented formula!
The Powerfix Lottion serves to fix the eyelash hair in its shape. 
 The eyelash hair adapts to the silicone shape.

The Powerfix Lotion bottle contains 5 ml.

After opening, the lotion has a shelf life of at least 3 months. Please make sure that the container is always closed immediately after use. 
One vial is for approx. 25 applications. 

The Powerfix Lotion can be ordered separately or as part of the basic kit. 

We have optimized our lotions - therefore please make sure to observe the new exposure time: 10 minutes. 
For customers who use an eyelash growth serum, the application time should be extended by 2-3 minutes as required.

The optimal application:

It is essential to remove fat residues on the eyelashes thoroughly with the primer. 
Do not use the same microbrush for the lotions, because if both lotions come into contact with each other, they will become unusable due to a premature chemical reaction. 
It is best to prepare the lotions in pea sizes in small cosmetic bowls and then apply evenly with a separate microbrush.

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