Eyelash lifts have long been popular with clients and it's easy to see why. Your clients will get longer, curled lashes for 6-8 weeks and minimal maintenance is required. As with any beauty treatment, however, it can happen that it doesn't work as expected and your customers' eyelashes don't get the desired effect.

Don't worry, we'll help you and give you the 7 most common reasons why a lash lift doesn't work. In this article, we've also included a few lifting hacks that will help you out.


This is one of the most common but underestimated problems with failed lash lifts. You will need the glue to stick the pads to your client's eyelid (if you are not using our self-adhesive silicon pads) and to fix the eyelashes to the silicon pad. However, if you're not careful, too much glue on the lashes can reduce the effectiveness of the lotion and affect the result.

That's why it's important to use just the right amount of glue and, if necessary, brush off the excess glue upwards with the Lashlift Tool or cleaning sticks . This allows lotions 1 and 2 to do their job correctly without the glue interfering with them.


As with any eyelash treatment, preparation is the be-all and end-all! Make sure the lashes are thoroughly cleaned before treatment. Any residue or remnants of make-up etc. can affect the lifting. For this we recommend our new Cleanser Brush & the Lashpoo . Also available as a kit and ideal for selling to your customers. After cleaning, degreasing is essential with the primer , now the lashes are perfectly prepared.


Store the lotions in a cool (optimal storage temperature 15-25 °C), dry place and protected from light. Make sure the bottles are tightly closed after each use. The bottles have a shelf life of up to 3 months after opening and 36 months unopened.

The sachets, on the other hand, have a shelf life of 24 hours after opening and should ideally be used within a few hours. It is important to close the sachets carefully between treatments. So if you don't store the products properly, they may not work as well as they should.

The Lashlift lotions should only be applied as a narrow line (approx. ⅓ of the lashes should be covered) close to the lash line of the lashes and never come too high to the tips (approx. ⅔ of the lashes should be covered without lotion).

If you apply the lotion from the lash line (root) to the tip, the lotions could overwork and damage the lashes, resulting in a very poor over-curled lash lift. Therefore, be very careful, careful and accurate.

The timing is hard to pin down, but you definitely learn it over time. If you get the timing wrong, be it 2-3 minutes too long or too short, it can greatly affect the lifting effect. Before you start the treatment you need to assess and determine the condition of your client's eyelashes (the length, density, porosity etc.) during the treatment it is best to use a timer to keep track of the exact time for each lotion. We recommend our "Duo Timer" for this, this small but powerful timer can set two times at the same time and is therefore ideal for the lash lift and brow lift in combination, for example.

With our Lashlift lotions, the exposure time is at least 10 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes. The exposure time varies depending on the length of the eyelashes, density, etc.


Another important factor that can affect a lash lift is the size of the silicone pad. Many of you believe that the larger the silicone pad, the greater the lifting effect, but this is not true.

Large pads can provide a soft, natural swing, while a small pad creates a dramatic swing. You will find or have already found that your customers tend to need a smaller or medium size Silionpads for most treatments.

If you're not sure which size to get, try different Silionpad sizes and imagine where you're going to put the lotion, if there's enough space, etc.

You can find more about our silicone pad and the perfect size in this article: WHICH SILICONE PAD SIZE IS THE RIGHT ONE?


It is also important to place the silicone pad correctly on the eyelid. There should be no skin visible between the silicone pad and the lash line. Leaving a gap can result in a worse effect. Therefore, the placement and size of the pad is crucial. Place the pad as close to the lash line as possible.

If the pad does not lie ideally on the eyelid (too small an eye), the silicone pad can be cut off (shortened) on the inside if necessary.


When removing the lotions, always use a dry cotton swab and make sure that everything is really removed. If you use a damp cotton swab, the lashes may come loose because the glue has gotten wet. After tinting the eyelashes, the color can be removed and the glue loosened with a damp cotton pad/bud. A damp cotton pad is even recommended so your clients don't get any glue residue in their lashes.

If the eyelashes come loose, we have our new Lashlift Cover Pads that you put on top of the lotion immediately after applying the lotion. This will prevent your eyelashes from coming loose.

To keep the heat in, we have a new Hot Eye Mask that boosts and intensifies the effects of the lotions. It also makes your customers feel comfortable and hides tired eyes.

A second alternative to keep warmth would be our hand stretch film which does the same thing as the Hot Eye Mask.

We hope that this article was able to help you. As always, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us on Instagram @augenmanufaktur and we'll be happy to help.


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