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We make you a professional

Welcome to the Augenmanufaktur Academy

Anwendung eines Browlifts, auch bekannt als Brauenlaminierung, mit einem Bürstchen zur Formung und Hervorhebung der Augenbrauen, dargestellt mit Produkten der Marke Augenmanufaktur

First class

Learn from experienced trainers

We are the first movers when it comes to eyebrow treatments and lash lifts in Hamburg.

We have experience from over a thousand treatments and more than a hundred experts thanks to our umbrella brand Adam & Eve Beautylounge.


Set your own pace

All you need to join in is a device with an internet connection, some time and a willingness to learn.


For every budget and level

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, you'll find the perfect deal for you, whatever your budget.

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Brow Henna Online Training
Brow Henna Online Training Sale price€100,00
GratisFree Lashlift Live Training
Free Lashlift Live Training Sale price€0,00
GratisFree Brow Henna Live Training
GratisFree Browlift Live Training
Free Browlift Live Training Sale price€0,00
GratisFree Lash & Brow Tint Live Training
GratisFree Glue Balm Live Training
GratisHydra Glow Pen Live Training - Skinboom
Training Download
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GratisFree Siliconpad Live Training