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Glue, Remover, Cleaner & Care for lash extensions

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power primerpower primer
(4.9)power primer Sale price€8,00
LashToGo Glue
LashToGo Glue Sale price€29,00
OneByOne PowerLashGlue
OneByOne PowerLashGlue Sale price€29,00
PowerVolumeGlue Sale price€29,00
Airtight glue tinAirtight glue tin
(5.0)Airtight glue tin Sale price€8,00
Glue Remover for TweezersGlue Remover for Tweezers
Glue Remover for Tweezers Sale price€10,00
Cleaning pads for eyelash glueCleaning pads for eyelash glue
Striplashes glue 4xvial
Striplashes glue 4xvial Sale price€9,90
Lashes RemoverLashes Remover
(5.0)Lashes Remover Sale priceFrom €7,50
SpeedLash TowelSpeedLash Towel
SpeedLash Towel Sale price€45,00
Eyelashes glass plate
(5.0)Eyelashes glass plate Sale price€5,00
Eyelash plate with bracelet
Eyelash plate with bracelet Sale price€5,00
Lashlift Tool
(5.0)Lashlift Tool Sale price€25,50
MiniBrush Sale priceFrom €2,50
iCurl comb
(4.9)iCurl comb Sale priceFrom €3,50
Insulation TapeInsulation Tape
Insulation Tape Sale price€2,50
medical tape
(4.9)medical tape Sale priceFrom €1,00
Fixation plaster
Fixation plaster Sale price€3,50
LED glasses
(5.0)LED glasses Sale priceFrom €19,00
Adhesive ringsAdhesive rings
Adhesive rings Sale price€1,00
Eye gel padEye gel pad
(4.7)Eye gel pad Sale priceFrom €1,00
3M Silicone Tape3M Silicone Tape
(5.0)3M Silicone Tape Sale price€12,50
3M Microfoam Tape
3M Microfoam Tape Sale price€5,00
Lash Cover Pads
(5.0)Lash Cover Pads Sale price€7,00
Air Blower
Air Blower Sale price€5,00
Cleaning Sticks
(5.0)Cleaning Sticks Sale price€5,50
Eyelash brushEyelash brush
(5.0)Eyelash brush Sale price€5,50
Eyelash brush silicone
Eyelash brush silicone Sale price€6,50
Eyelash brush 2goEyelash brush 2go
Eyelash brush 2go Sale price€3,50
Duo BrushDuo Brush
Duo Brush Sale priceFrom €5,00
AM Dental Mirror
AM Dental Mirror Sale price€9,00
Dental mirrorDental mirror
Dental mirror Sale price€5,00
Jade Stone
Jade Stone Sale price€4,00
Glue Pots Sale price€1,50
Duo Timer
(5.0)Duo Timer Sale price€12,00
Duo Digital Hygrometer ThermometerDuo Digital Hygrometer Thermometer
(4.8)Timer Sale price€9,00
Selfie Ring Light
Selfie Ring Light Sale price€7,50
Hand fanHand fan
Hand fan Sale price€12,00
Cleaning brush
Cleaning brush Sale price€4,00
Lashclean Kit
(5.0)Lashclean Kit Sale priceFrom €10,00
Lash helper
Lash helper Sale price€6,00
Cleanser Brush
Cleanser Brush Sale price€8,00
Lash Separator
Lash Separator Sale price€4,00
Templates for SpeedLash TowelTemplates for SpeedLash Towel