The cotton trick: Goodbye to tears!

If you have a client whose eyes are watery, the cotton trick is a simple and effective solution. Here's how you can use it:
  1. Prepare materials: Prepare a roll of cotton, cotton swabs and, if necessary, eye pads. Make sure the materials are clean and sanitary.
  2. Gently open the eyelids: ask your client to close their eyes. Now carefully roll a small amount of cotton into a compact cylinder and place it between the two waterlines of the opened eyelids. This puts minimal pressure on the tear ducts, which can reduce excessive tearing.
  3. Protection from products: The cotton trick not only provides tear control, but also serves as a protective shield against penetrating products. No product can run into the eyes as the cotton acts as a barrier.
  4. Comfort for the client: thanks to the cotton, the treatment feels more comfortable as the tears are collected and the eyelids are less irritated. This can significantly improve your customer's overall experience.
There is also a video for this:

    cotton trick

    Additional tips for a successful application:

    • Be sure to place the cotton gently and with light pressure to avoid injury.
    • Communicate clearly with your customer about the cotton trick and explain the benefits.
    • Use high-quality, hypoallergenic cotton to avoid allergic reactions.
    • For sensitive clients, using eye pads in combination with the cotton can provide an even more comfortable experience.