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Article: The right choice of silicone pads

The right choice of silicone pads

The right choice of silicone pads for eyelash lifting
In the world of eyelash lifting, choosing the right silicone pads is crucial to achieve optimal and defined results for each client. Here are some important considerations to take into account when choosing pad size:

Individuality of eyelash length

There is no one size fits all silicone pads. Every client has different eyelash lengths and it is crucial to assess this accurately. You look closely at the customer's eyelashes to determine the ideal size.

Avoid over-the-top results

Caution is advised for long eyelashes. Using an S-Pad that is too small can result in an undesirable over-the-top result. Larger pads are recommended here to ensure a natural swing without overdoing it.


Avoid flat pads for short lashes

For short lashes, M or L pads may not be the best choice. These can lead to flat results. Smaller pads are recommended here to achieve an effective lift without overtaxing the eyelashes.

Watch out for droopy eyelids

Droopy eyelids require special attention. Choosing pads that are too small can cause the eyelashes to touch the eyelid. One chooses appropriately sized pads to achieve optimal results without affecting the eyelids.


Individual advice and recommendations

Not every customer has the same needs. Detailed advice makes it possible to determine the ideal pad size, tailored to the individual characteristics of the eyelashes and the eye area.


Choosing the right silicone pads is an art in eyelash lifting. By carefully analyzing the length of the eyelashes, avoiding over-twistments, paying attention to the flatness of short eyelashes and looking at the eye area individually, you can create tailor-made results that emphasize the uniqueness of each customer.
The art of eyelash lifting lies not only in the technique, but also in the fine coordination of details to achieve beautiful and natural results.

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