common mistakes when using a lashlift adhesive

There are a few signs you can use to tell if you've made mistakes using Lashlift Glue:

The eyelashes fall off after the treatment

If the lashes fall off after the treatment, it could be because the glue wasn't applied correctly or it was too thin. It is also possible that the lashes were not cleaned thoroughly and residues of oil or dirt have affected the adhesion of the glue.

Eyelashes look clumpy or unnatural

If the lashes look clumpy or unnatural after treatment, it could be because too much glue was used or the glue wasn't applied evenly.

The eyelashes are not properly formed

If the eyelashes do not have the desired shape after the treatment, this could be because the glue was not sufficiently dry or the eyelashes were not held in the desired shape long enough.

The glue causes irritation or redness

If the glue is causing irritation or redness, it could be because it's been left on the skin for too long or because the customer has an intolerance. Should this happen, we recommend doing a patch test beforehand if the customer already says they have sensitive skin or have had allergies in the past.

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