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Article: Choose the right brow henna color

Choose the right brow henna color

When you work as a brow stylist and you work with henna, it is important to choose the right color for your clients. Here are some tips on how to define the right brow henna color for your clients:
  1. Determine Your Client's Natural Hair Color: Your client's natural hair color is an important factor in determining the right color. If your client has blonde hair, the blonde henna dye is the best option. If your client has medium blonde to light brown hair, the Light Brown color will work best. Medium brown is best for medium brown hair, while dark brown is best for dark brown hair. If your client has black hair or wants a more intense color, Black is the best option.
  2. Consider your client's skin tone: Your client's skin tone can also play a role in determining the right color of henna. If your client has light skin, you should choose a lighter shade of henna, while if your client has darker skin, you should choose a darker shade of henna.
  3. Test the color: Before you apply the henna, you should always do a color test. Here you apply a small amount of henna to the customer's skin and leave it on for a few minutes. Then you rinse it off to see how the color turns out. This way you can make sure the color matches perfectly.
  4. Consider the look you want: If your client wants a specific look, such as full and defined brows or a more natural look, you should adjust the color accordingly. For example, if your client wants a natural look, you should choose a color that closely resembles their natural hair color.
  5. Advise your customer: As an expert, you should advise your customer and give them recommendations on which color suits them best. Share your experiences and tips to ensure your client is happy with the outcome.

By following these tips, you will be able to choose the perfect henna color for your clients and give them the look they want.

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