What do customers have to consider after a lashlift?

After an eyelash lift, there are a few important things clients should consider in order to get the best possible result and to maintain the health of their eyelashes.

  1. Avoid getting your lashes wet or touching them for the first 24 hours after the lash lift to avoid damaging the result.
  2. Do not wear heavy mascara or false lashes for the first few days after the lash lift as it may affect the result.
  3. Use care on your eyelashes daily to regenerate, strengthen, maintain and lengthen them. It is important that they do not dry out and frizz. The Lash & Brow Plex is suitable for this.
  4. Avoid extra curling of your lashes with an eyelash curler as this can affect the result.
  5. Wait at least 24 hours before applying makeup to your eyes after the lash lift.
It is important to follow the instructions and ensure the lashes are in perfect condition to get the best possible result and to maintain lash health.

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