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Article: Augenmanufaktur in Brigitte magazine

Augenmanufaktur in Brigitte magazine

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4. eyelash tuning with tongs, curling & lifting

"Eyelash curlers make for a beautiful curl, especially if you warm them up with a hairdryer before using them," says Filiz Christoph-Atas, founder of Augenmanufaktur and owner of Adam & Eve Hamburg. "Those who want to save time are better off with an eyelash treatment. With eyelash curling, the hairs are curled with a roller, more or less like a perm. With an eyelash lift, on the other hand, the hair is stretched to maximum length and lifted. The treatments last up to six weeks. If you also dye the eyelashes darker, the result becomes more intense."

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Augenmanufaktur in der Freundin

Augenmanufaktur in Freundin magazine

In the test: 4 methods for long and full eyelashes

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