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Article: Eyebrow trends 2022

Eyebrow trends 2022


We show the trendiest styles of the year and explain which eyebrows perfectly accentuate the face. Beautiful eyebrows – everyone wants them. But which eyebrow shape is actually in this year and which one suits my client? If you're also wondering how eyebrow shaping, eyebrow plucking and eyebrow makeup will be in 2022, you've come to the right place. You can find out everything about eyebrows here in our blog post.

One of the megatrends that we are taking with us into 2022 is called: naturalness. Without a lot of make-up and above all a relaxed look without much optimization.

That means: We like to emphasize our facial features, but we don't change them that much anymore. EYEBROWS give contour to our face and their shape also influences our face shape. It is not without reason that the fine hairs on our face are curved in a certain way and shaped differently in everyone. But which eyebrow shape suits which face?

In order to find the right eyebrow shape for your customer's face, you should first know what eyebrow shapes there are and define the shape of your customer's face.

Which eyebrows for which face shape?

  1. Oval Face Shape Eyebrows with a sweep are perfect for your face shape.
  2. Square Face Shape Choose a flat eyebrow that makes your face appear shorter.
  3. Heart-Shaped Face Shape If you have a heart-shaped face, go for curvy brows. The rounded eyebrows make your face shape appear more harmonious.
  4. Round face shape If you have a round face, a high arch is a good way to shape your eyebrows. This will make your face appear longer.
Which eyebrows for which face shape



Now that we have already defined the right eyebrow shape for all faces, let's move on to the brow trends for 2022. NATURALNESS is a top priority this year. Whether fluffy brows, pin straight, brushed-up brows or whatever we call them – these trends are here to stay.


With the fluffy trend, we wear our eyebrows full (as little plucking as possible), brush them upwards and outwards and then fix them with a soap. Here we recommend our brow soap , which brings your eyebrows into any desired shape, from bushy to on fleek! Here's the product.

Bushy eyebrows from PinterestBushy eyebrows from Pinterest




With the pin straight trend, you pluck your eyebrows as straight as possible. The natural arch of the brow is not worked out extra, it is more about keeping the curve as flat as possible. The then horizontally plucked eyebrows are painted over with an eyebrow pencil . It emphasizes them more and accentuates the straight shape more than a powdery product. Our Wowbrow Pen is an absolute must-have.

This shape can change the facial features quite a bit, especially if the eyebrows were previously worn rather curved. Therefore, here we recommend giving customers professional advice in order to achieve a positive effect and not an unfavorable one.

Straight eyebrows
Straight eyebrows



This eyebrow trend is also known as brushy brows or gel brows and is the absolute summer 2022 trend. This trend is all about having natural and full eyebrows without any makeup. But how does it work? 🤔 For this, the hairs are brushed straight up and fixed with hairspray or a brow soap.

brow lift
brow lift


With our browlift products, which we offer online, you can make this trend permanent for your customers and they don't have to style it every time. Click here for our Browlift products: It lasts 6-8 weeks, makes the eyebrows look fuller, is vegan and cruelty-free, painless and tames unruly hairs. If you are interested and can imagine applying treatments like these to customers yourself in the future, we also offer online training courses in which you can learn everything about lifting - from pre-treatment and application to avoidable mistakes. If we have aroused your interest, you can go directly to our academy here .

Perfect eyebrows for summer, how does that sound? 💕✨


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