Define the correct shape of the eyebrows

The correct shape of the eyebrows gives the face more expression and it looks more harmonious.

The general rule:

  • If you have an angular face, your brows should be more rounded. That makes it look smoother.
  • With a rather soft and round face shape, a squarer shape should be chosen for the eyebrows. This makes the face look more distinctive and interesting.

To find the highest point of your client's eyebrows, do the following: Have them look straight ahead. Place a thin brush or pencil on the face so that it touches the nostril and is in front of the pupil. The highest point of the eyebrow sits in the extension of this line. Mark the selected point with one of our wow pens so that you get the right spot afterwards.

Define eyebrow shape

Define eyebrow shape

Another tool is our template for brow mapping !