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Article: What to do if my customer is crying heavily?

What to do if my customer is crying heavily?

If your customers' eyes water during a lash lift or a treatment in general, it is often a big challenge. It also often affects the result because the eyelashes get too wet.

In this blog article we give you some reasons why your customers' eyes water and what you can do about it.


Even if your customers are supposed to keep their eyes closed, it can always happen that the eyes were opened a little during the treatment and products such as the glue got into the eyes as a result. Any glue, be it for lash lifts or extensions, releases fumes that could irritate your client's eyes and cause them to water. It all depends on how sensitive everyone is.


Each of you uses a lamp during the treatment, even that can be a reason for the eyes to start watering. Why? Because then the lamp may shine too brightly. We therefore recommend setting the lamp a little less brightly and aligning it so that it does not shine straight into the eye. Another tip, if pictures are taken during the treatment, make the light brighter if necessary, just for the moment.

Various diseases or injuries can also lead to watery eyes. You can find more about diseases of the eye in our blog article.

Other reasons could also be that your customer is simply tired, tense or excited. So make sure you have a relaxed atmosphere in the studio. Soft music and a warm blanket create a relaxed atmosphere.


If your customer has got glue or a product in general in her eyes and is tearing heavily as a result, you should carefully wipe away the tears with a cotton swab and remove the product from the eye with a damp swab. If your eyes continue to water and won't stop, then leave the eye alone for about 5-10 minutes. Just keep working on the other eye until the teary eye settles down.

If the client begins to cry during treatment, it's best not to bother. Maybe she doesn't notice it herself and it stops the next moment. However, if you have made your customer aware of this, it is possible that more tears will come automatically and unconsciously as she makes an effort and tries not to cry.

However, if your customer already has problems with heavily watering eyes before the treatment, it can be an indicator that the customer generally has too dry eyes. In that case, you should send her to the doctor.

Another general tip against watery eyes is to soothe and cool your eyes with a fan when they are closed. If none of the tips work, you can use your fingers to carefully press the tear ducts on the inner eye, hold them for a few seconds and then stop the tears.

We hope that this article was able to help you. As always, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us on Instagram @augenmanufaktur and we'll be happy to help.


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