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Article: Why Do Eyebrows Curl After Lifting?

Why Do Eyebrows Curl After Lifting?

There are many reasons why eyebrows might curl after a lift. It is important to know the reasons for this without blaming the products for the time being. It is often because something went wrong during treatment. In this blog article we explain some possible causes.


The brow lift can lead to damaged eyebrow hairs if the exposure time is not carefully defined. A few days after the treatment, your client's eyebrows will start to curl or curl, which is an indicator of damaged hairs. It is super important to understand that manufacturer's instructions are only approximate exposure times and will need to be adjusted depending on the condition of each client's eyebrows. Our exposure times for the brow lift are between 6 and 8 minutes on average. With some exceptions, the exposure time can also be 9 or 10 minutes.
A detailed analysis is the first step before any treatment. The properties of the eyebrow hairs, such as thickness and direction of growth, as well as the condition of the skin are considered. Fine hairs require a shorter exposure time than thicker ones. In cases of acute skin disease or injury in the treated area of the skin, no treatment should be given to avoid pain or reactions.
It's important to constantly check during treatment to see if the lotion has already worked, rather than sit back and just follow the manufacturer's instructions. A careful selection of the exposure time leads to beautiful and undamaged eyebrows.


Combing your eyebrows up and holding them at a 90-degree angle can damage the root area and cause pain in the area, similar to having a braid that is too tight and worn for an extended period of time. Avoid this by always choosing an angle of around 60 degrees and always working with the natural direction of growth.


It is very important that after the treatment you carefully remove the lotion, paint and glue used with a damp cotton pad. This prevents after-effects of the lotion that can cause the eyebrows to twist. This is often the cause of twisted eyebrows and should be avoided at all costs. It may also be that only one eyebrow is twisted because the person sleeps on one side, causing the hairs to warp and twist while on the other side they are less extreme. Always make sure you have completely removed the lotion, color and glue after treatment to maintain healthy and beautiful eyebrows.


When hormones are imbalanced in the body, this can cause eyelashes & eyebrows to become weaker and less responsive to treatments. In such cases, it may be necessary to address the hormone imbalance before starting treatment.


At the end of the treatment it is super important to care for the eyebrows. The "DOUBLW FILLER" in the dressing room is ideal for this and the " LASH & BROW PLEX " is the ideal daily care product for your customers to take home with them. Rich in valuable minerals, the serum nourishes the eyebrow hairs through a keratin lamination that closes the structure that was opened during the treatment. This not only leads to better care, but also to strengthening and protection against harmful external influences.


If the result of the brow lift is not what you want, the eyebrow hairs must be made flexible again. In some cases, recommending a conditioner to your clients and carefully applying it to the eyebrows and letting them set helps the hair to condition and recover. It also helps to use any oils, such as castor oil, and comb into the hairs. If nothing works, it means the treatment will need to be repeated to get the brows back into the desired shape. We recommend avoiding it and preferring to leave 4-6 weeks in between.

You can find out how to undo a browlift here!

We hope that this article was able to help you. If you have any further questions about "reversing an eyelash lift", feel free to contact us on Instagram @augenmanufaktur and we will be happy to help you.


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