Free Glue Balm Live Training


Free Eye Manufacture Glue Balm Live Training

What does the seminar include: During the intensive live training you will learn comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge that you need for the proper use of the Glue Balm.

Step by step, the handling of the Glue Balm will be explained to you in detail during the live training.

Our Eye Manufacture Glue Balm Live Training teaches you the basic theory and practice.

We have tailored the training explicitly for you and your everyday business life, so that you can become a Lashlift expert at your chosen time, at your chosen location. Plus, you'll get advice from our expert, completely customized to you and your results.

Your benefits:

  • Your skills will be enhanced
  • You learn the optimal know-how for your business
  • Personal support from your favorite brand
  • where & when you want
  • no hidden costs
  • afterwards 50% discount on access to our Academy + 25% on the Pro Kit
  • you will receive a Lashlift certificate in the Academy

Are you ready for your free live training with us?

Our Augenmanufaktur Lashlift live training is not only suitable for already experienced cosmeticians, but also for beginners. So you only need a mobile device, a piece of paper and a pen to participate in the training. You do not need our products during the live training, only afterwards, when you log in to our academy and get your certification.

      • Interesting facts about the Glue Balm
      • Important tips
      • Suitable tools
      • The treatment - Lashlift treatment
      • The Care
      • FAQ

For the certification you have to register in the Academy. After the training you will receive a 50% discount code for the Academy and 25% on the Pro Kit. You can then complete the online training and receive a certificate from our professionals.

To receive the certificate, upload 3 model images in 4 variations on the portal at the end of the training. Our experts will evaluate your results and give individual feedback. Please do not send via email or Instagram.

You will usually receive feedback from our experts within 14 days. All details are explained in the training.

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