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The ideal applicator for liquids

The disposable microbrush are ideal for applying and coating liquids and are particularly well Einsetzbar at the Lashlift, Browlift, Browhenna or for eyelash applications. The handle can be broken and bent to adjust to the desired length and and reach difficult corners during application. The microbrush applicator is made of non-linting, non-absorbent fibers and is available in a variety of sizes.

100 pieces

Purple: very fine applicator, ø 1.5 mm

Green: fine applicator, ø 2.0 mm

Blue: normal applicator, ø 2.5 mm

Black: large applicator, ø 3.0 mm

White: cylinder applicator, ø 1.2 mm

White: long Cylinder Applicator, ø 2.00 mm

Pick up liquid/lotion with the Microbrush and apply or brush onto the desired area.

100 pack

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