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The shaper

The silicone pads are the shapers for the lashes during the Lashlift. With the flat silicone pads is the maximum length and density rausgeholt in contrast to the belly, here the lashes are curled, almost as similar to a lash wave.

The silicone pads are fixed on the eyelid as close as possible to the lash line with the help of Lashlift glue. Clean with warm water after use. The silicone is antibacterial and therefore no batteries can settle in.

Silicone pad sizes at a glance: S is suitable for short lashes and a strong effect. The silicone pad in size S is the flattest, therefore the stretching effect is the greatest. M is available in 3 gradations, M, M1 and M2. Here it depends on the effect, M is slightly bulbous, M1 more and M2 has a real bulge. Size M is suitable for medium long lashes. L is suitable for very long lashes and a light effect, the silicone pad is very bulbous and gives a wonderful curl. Silicone pads can be adjusted on the side of each eyelid.

In one package are 5 pairs of silicone pads.

Up to 100 times reusable.

Material: Styrene-Ethylene/Butylene-Styrene Natural Copolymer Compound, Antioxidant/Stabilizer

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